A collection of tiny arcade games with different movement styles.

  • Simple: top-down movement with WASD.
  • Flappy: platformer with infinite double jumps.
  • Marksteroids: propel yourself forwards.
  • Shoot-jump: the only way to move is through recoil.

Featuring 3 modes:

  1. Safe: collect coins as fast as possible, there are no hazards or enemies.
  2. Danger: collect coins as fast as possible without touching walls.
  3. Endless: collect as many coins as you can without touching walls.

Source code: https://replit.com/@l8doku/MarkLoops

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i love this game!

This is excellent. Great concept and execution.  Really fun and addictive.

Really cool little showcase :)

I find so funny how all sprites are mark, it’s actually fun! Good game :)

I love it! All sprites are MARK LOL